That recognized Practitioners (Nurses, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths ....) Or organized (Psychologists, Naturopaths), all non Doctors and practitioners former AT, regroup and defend their practice, is a guarantee of reliability.

Union of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Energetics and Health Care Practitioners

The SEATCPS, established in 2014, is the result of the merger:

     the Union of Professional Physiotherapists Energy Practitioners and Traditional Chinese

     the Union of Professional nurse practitioners Energetics Traditional Chinese.


It aims to represent and support the practitioners of all the official professions of Health, during their career, have received training in:


     Chinese massage


     Traditional Chinese Energetics in all its complementary therapeutic applications of acupuncture and / or massage


The FFETC created this Union to allow health professionals to organize and assert their rights vis-à-vis their respective corporation and overall medical authorities.

It is not a "political" or subversive opposition against various Councils of the Order as it is a different profession, in continuation of the first one.

Union of Naturopathic Practitioners Energy Traditional Chinese

The SPNEATC, created in 2013, aims to represent and support practitioners who also have a Naturopath activity.