The FFETC promotes and works for:

     legalized or authorized in the exercise of AT profession including non-Doctors (and other health professions who have taken additional training in MO needed).

     respect and the free and independent education from the University of AT and not of TCM,

     a real-face training courses and comprehensive higher with competent teachers by ensuring the quality of teaching and graduation exams

     the actual merits TA socioeconomic

     the various experiments participating in the credibility of the AT


The FFETC arranges for:

     Bring the status Acupuncturist Traditional and differentiate TCM wearing a recognition project with a questionable competence and random therapeutic tools (Chinese herbal medicine in particular).

     Ensure that the Traditional Acupuncture are not subject to any authority of the Chinese medical authorities

     Ensure that they are not directly under the authority of Physicians

     Ensure that the therapeutic field of AT is the widest possible

     Ensure that training is not exclusively AT the University of spring

     Ensure that the "users" of the TA can continue to enjoy the right to treat themselves as they see fit.