Legislation & Law

In France, only are allowed to practice in health care:

     Doctors who practice any medical procedure

     Medical professions (Dentists and Midwives) and medical support staff (physiotherapists, nurses) who perform medical procedures defined by the Code of Health.


Apart from these cases, there is the illegal practice of medicine. According to the Council of the College of Physicians, Acupuncturists not all doctors are in this illegal practice.

To date, the practice of the profession of doctor is linked to its definition in the Code of Public Health and in particular the respect of Article L-416-1.

The exercise of the profession of doctor is:

     prescribe medical examinations,

     medical diagnosis,

     prescribe drugs



     The Acupuncturists nonmedical use no resources reported above, fit conventional medicine and the practice of the profession of doctor.

     Their approach does not replace conventional medical procedures or supplant the activity of the Doctor in his prerogatives

     In the absence of a de facto existence = a legal definition, Acupuncture, its practice and its practitioners, can not be the property of Physicians


Furthermore, the French law on the illegality is related to the creation of the Councils of the different professions and their monopolies in 1946 is after the advent of Acupuncture in France (1925), it is understandable that a legal problem exists with regard to the exercise of Acupuncture; what would be the least is that it persists.

Despite all that, for decades, some (s) Practitioner (ne) s Acupuncturists have been prosecuted for "illegal practice of medicine" by the Council of the College of Physicians.

He now has a legal vacuum because the Acupuncture is a discipline whose name, and therefore, the legal rules of practice, not appear in any official text.

The Acupuncturists not doctors are not recognized in France by law, as well as other medicines called "complementary" (excluding osteopathy).

We no longer accept being treated while no illegal Act governs Acupuncture, his teaching and exercise. We chose the term "non-legal" because of this legal vacuum.

If Europe has already produced Guidelines and recommendations, as the WHO, for the performance of alternative medicine professions (Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Homeopathy, Phytotherapy), she is now free for each state to govern the application according to its own laws. However, Europe is preparing, probably in 2014, to legislate on this subject, since two totally opposite concepts exist today within the European Union.


     In the Nordic countries and the Netherlands, the exercise of the profession of non-medical Acupuncturist is free.

     In Switzerland, the exercise of the TA has always been free

     The kingdom Kingdom and Ireland tolerate,

     Recently, Portugal, favorable legislation, recognizing the non Practitioners Doctors, has been passed.


On behalf of the free movement of goods and services, apply even in the field of health, a non Acupuncturist Portuguese doctor holds a diploma in his country can exercise in France!

There where a processing discrimination and the French courts as Europeans could be sought.