the beginnings

Traditional Acupuncture has been practiced for 4,000 years throughout Asia.

She has already appeared with regularity in France since the seventeenth century. The Napoleonic medical teams from Russia campaign have even counted among therapists (Dictionary Quillet - 1870). Each time, it was only brief appearances.

From the 16th century, the Jesuits went to Asia and particularly in China. Their mission was to study but especially evangelize the people. Some Jesuits have reported to us fundamental information for the understanding of Taoism and Chinese Ancient Tradition.

In 1632, supplanting in astronomical knowledge, learned Chinese, they were appointed leaders China "Science Court" of, that is to say, they walked the equivalent of the Academy of Sciences, and, until the revolution of the Boers.

Presence in France

However, by 1870, the Traditional Acupuncture is permanently implanted and France already had many practitioners in 1925. Then, G. SOULIE OF MORANT, Consul of France in China and master in this art, published his first book in 1927 which was the most accurate known at that time and this led him to the general application of Practitioners, the publication of his monumental work in 1935: Chinese Acupuncture.

This medicine owes nothing to the West or the Western scientific approach to medicine.


Traditional Acupuncture was then transmitted by leading practitioners and their reference books publications: Dr Chamfrault, Jacques André Lavier, Dr. Van Nghi, Charles Laville Mery, Dr. Borsarello and Andre Faubert. These authors, most were trained by Masters who fled China since the advent of Mao with the "Long March".

These authors were, firstly, a reference to the ancient texts, and on the other hand, a practice based on ancient Traditional Acupuncture (prior to 1958 Chinese model) that did not refer in any way to conventional medicine of the West.

Charles Laville Mery used the term "Traditional Medicine" or "Chinese Medicine". It was the first will, upon release, to distinguish between two approaches to the traditional practice and symptomatic practice called "aiguillo therapy."

The Cultural Revolution

X, Chairman Mao wanted to erase the history of China all traces of Tradition. For this, he established the Cultural Revolution. Political ideology (Marxism - Leninism) Party up then imposes the collective plan, collectivist and unique thought. Applying political and materialistic system replacing a human and philosophical thought, Mao wanted to ban reference to the traditional as incompatible Thought.

Like all totalitarian systems, Mao burned all the books; writing was changed (for the current PIN YIN), the practice and teaching of traditional Chinese medicine were banned, the Masters and intellectuals were deported to political re-education camps.

Fortunately, some of them had fled the Red China from the beginning and took refuge in Singapore, Hong Kong, Burma and California. These were our masters.
The advent of TCM in China

China red, having tried the practice of Western allopathic medicine (modernism requires), realized between 1960 and 1970, the exorbitant cost of western medicines.


But in 70 years of Maoism including 20 years of Cultural Revolution, China lost its heritage, the Masters who fled or were dead in deportation.

Thus, in the 1970s, Chinese doctors teams came to Europe and, above all, in France. They bought out all the books in bookstores acupuncture and many works of Western medicine. China had them translated into Chinese to learn this method ... We find in Chinese massage books most of the techniques of massage and well-known French protests physiotherapists. The Chinese have enriched their methods many Western techniques, unknown to them before, and we suggest that these traditional methods.

It's the same for auriculotherapy; the maps of the reflexology, established by Dr. Nogier in France, were taken up and adapted by the Chinese by assigning paternity.


China and learns his ancestral medicine through Europe and France.


A new generation of practitioners was hastily formed in 1950; The "barefoot doctors". Their very brief training aims to rehabilitate the patient without worrying about the causes and development of diseases and without any energy concept. In addition, they had to find a role in the vast Chinese countryside, the traces of this medicine that the political system was destroyed.


In 1958, so a few years after the proclamation of the People's Republic of China, the medical authorities of this country have established is a model based on the use of skin issues but with a different reading of reference texts. Intended primarily materialistic and scientific, medical authorities found normal to do the best paste data with the traditional approach of Western conventional medicine.

This gave an original model and a practice based on the statistical results of the treatment of symptoms, syndromes and diseases.


At the same time, this method was introduced in the new acupuncture services in hospitals. This gave birth to the current Chinese hospitals specializing in acupuncture.

The advent of TCM in Europe


The current concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which has nothing to do with the old Traditional Acupuncture, only appeared in France in 1981 and grew only from 1995.


First, it is by whole charters that from the years 1965, Western Doctors (French and Americans especially) went to China "red", just for a weekend or a week, returning fitted with a large parchment / diploma Acupuncturist.

Since then, despite a latent war all appearance, the rich Chinese "Formosa", the "China White" at the time, decided to create a lucrative business. They have invested billions of dollars in Red China to buy land and build Phytotherapy and Chinese Pharmacopoeia.

They had the idea, via the Red China to export this new medicine, TCM, very fond towards the West (as he himself was in the process of relearning).

At the same time, they wanted to direct all the teachings of acupuncture in the world, thus supplanting all schools.


They began sending medical missions in all African countries. After 15 years in the absence of convincing results of effectiveness, they turned to Europe, certainly pushed, on this, the prospect of plants and market their products on which an early reputation for efficiency was built .dropoff window


For fifteen years, China exports "know" and distributes "grants" by investing in the Western, European and American, its representativeness and empowers them to award degrees (but they do not exercise in China!!!).

Neither the World Health Organization (WHO), the body never taking sides, neither the European Parliament will recognize them.