Acupuncture old Traditional (Ata) is a natural, non-aggressive treatment that takes into account the totality of being in its environment.

It is based on a principle of circulation in the body more energy in unstable equilibrium, the loss of harmony leads to an unbalanced source of functional disorders and, after aggravation of disease syndromes

The basic principles of the old AT is based on the theories of Yin / Yang and the five elements, principles that underpin the entire Chinese culture, political, philosophical, scientific ... ..

From investigative means suitable for the old AT, which take into account the totality of the human being, a complete summary is made for each patient that is took into account an individual and his own treatment.

This treatment applies to the cause of the disturbances, upstream of the symptom.

The treatment is proper and specific for each patient and is not reproducible, identical to another patient with the same disorder.

It is based on the development in medical thinking of Chinese since ancient times, a logical analysis and deduction disorders of energy imbalances from a crucial point: the traditional diagnostic time 4: interview , observation, palpation, pulse taken ..


It has:

     its own language

     energy anatomy and its laws

     Patient its approach mode

     his tool: the needle

     technical annexes: moxa, cupping, needle and massage hammer