Definition of Unesco: "The Traditional Acupuncture and Moxibustion form a therapeutic art that develops its diagnostic and therapeutic reasoning on a Taoist energy vision of man and of the universe. do you even lift


Acupuncture Traditional Old and practice by non-physician has thus developed in France in 1925.

Since then and until 1995, the talk was of Chinese Medicine and by this expression, everyone, in every country, heard Acupuncture.


History of Acupuncture in France (see History below), obliges us now to be described as "old" to distinguish it from another acupuncture, modern and rudimentary melted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (MTC), itself qualified, misused, traditional. It is sufficient to be convinced to check out the book called "Beijing" appeared in France around 1968.


Dr. Jean Marc Kespi, President of the French Association of Acupuncture (AFA), Medical School high reputation in his book "Man and his symbols" (Albin Michel 2002) stated clearly by writing: "the expression traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) reminds me of the traditional data underpinning Chinese medicines and not the standard promoted by China People's model since 1958 ".